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Frequently Asked Questions

At Peace of Mind Natural, we get a lot of questions about usage, size, and more. Here's some of the Frequently Asked Questions:


How long does the soap last?

Each bar of soap lasts about three times longer than a regular bar of soap you'd get at the store. With daily use, a body soap will last about 3 to 4 weeks. This is because they're all-natural with ZERO fillers.


How long does the scent last?

This varies widely between soaps. Soaps without added scents and only natural essential oils will not have a lasting smell. The soaps with powerful perfumes (like our Just For Her Soap!) will last for days - they'll even make your sheets smell good.


What size are the soap bars?

We hand-cut all our soaps. This means we can't promise a perfect square or rectangle every time, nor a certain size. What we can say is each bar is guaranteed to be 3 ounces and the body soaps are all over 5 ounces.


Are all the fragrances natural?



Are the soaps hypoallergenic?



Are the products gluten free?

Yes, we even use gluten free oats.


Are there soaps for men?

Yes! We have a whole line of Dark Temptation and Sharp For Men fragrance products. Also, guys will love the unscented Charcoal Soap and similar charcoal products. 


Since it's all-natural, does the soap expire?

Each product can last for years on the shelf but we highly recommend you use it up within a year of purchase for best results.