Hi, I’m Jackie, founder of Peace of Mind Natural. 

Until eleven years ago, I was working as a massage therapist. For years I’d worked with natural healing and de-stressing, and had studied all the trends and methods.

But I always knew that wasn’t my calling.

I wanted to invent, not emulate. I wanted to provide something new that would help people, and I wanted to develop relationships with customers through my work.

One day, I was bowling at a local mall, praying to God for answers to my career. As I gazed across the lanes, I saw an empty mall kiosk and I figured it out: that little kiosk would be a great place to sell soap! The problem was, I’d never sold soap before, let alone made it from scratch. Too many people I knew laughed at my idea, saying natural remedies in soap was a bad idea that would never happen. Keep in mind, this was years before quality, wholesome home remedies became trendy.

I researched countries like China and India, studying their natural remedies and looking for ways to bring healing to friends and customers via these methods. I ordered ingredients I’d never worked with and found combinations that specifically helped treat and relieve skin problems like acne, eczema and dry skin.

I sent my soaps to family members to see what worked and what needed improvement. After months of trial and error, I was ready to bring my findings to the world.

At my very first show, people asked me questions about specific ingredients for their problems, and I saw faces light up as excitement filled their eyes. I didn’t make a big profit, but I was confident I was on the right path. I felt like a doctor as people would show me spots and conditions and ask what soap would help!

Ever since then, I’ve been expanding my product line to what customers need. I opened a mall kiosk, then branched out into more kiosks and stores, then eventually online sales. I’ve stuck to small batches, made by me and my family. God, family and quality remain central to our business eleven years later, and we still use only high quality, all-natural ingredients with no preservatives or fillers.