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Rose clay skin benefits

July 16, 2019 3 min read

Rose clay skin benefits

Rose clay has been all the buzz lately as a natural cleanser and overall amazing natural ingredient. But what is rose clay?

Rose clay is a mild kaolin clay, often referred to as pink clay, and is a gentle, natural clay that contains kaolinite. Rose clay is fabulous for most skin types; including sensitive skin, which simply means it's a naturally occurring clay that has kaolinite as its main component.

Rose clay is also abundant in minerals like Silica. Rose clay masks help to replenish and restore skin with moisture, exfoliate the complexion with its slightly grainy texture, and draw out impurities.

What are its benefits to the skin?

Depending on where the clay came from will determine its physical structure and mineral content, which in turn, affects how it reacts on the skin. This specific clay has particular benefits to the skin, which is why most people choose it over other types of clays, such as bentonite, French green clay, pink kaolin, or white kaolin. French rose clay is from France, and is a light, beautiful rose color.

Clays have been used for ages as a natural agent that helps to beautify our skin. Powdered clay is used as the foundation for some facial masks out in the market. The benefits are enhanced when essential oils and powdered herbs invigorates, cleans and exfoliates the skin while enhancing blood circulation. It has the ability to absorb harmful toxins, excess oils, and dirt from the skin.

So why rose clay?

Clays differ on how much moisture they absorb from our skin. Some clays can be so dehydrating on the skin, for example if you're not using a moisturizer which is super-hydrating afterwards, you can end up experiencing extreme flaking, dryness, and skin reactions like redness and increased acne breakouts. Rose clay is wonderful for most skin types because it doesn't excessively suck out the skin of its natural oils.

Great on sensitive skin

Rose clay works wonderful for sensitive skin, as it provides gentle and smooth cleansing action. If you've used or tried glycolic acid, hydroxyl acids, or other acids to exfoliate in the past and had trouble like increased skin reactions or sensitivity, it’s highly recommended to try a rose clay skin product. Natural clays like these can be just as effective at exfoliation, without the irritation.

Draws out impurities

If used frequently, this mask will draw oils and impurities to the skin surface and can be washed away, which will help reduce the appearance of clogged pores and oily skin. The exfoliating and polishing action gradually decreases the existence of pores and skin bulges.

As your skin gets used to the special treatment regularly, you may see a more firm and lifted appearance. The constant exfoliation can also help decrease the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Looking for some rose clay products to cleanse your skin? Try these:

  • Rose Clay Soap – Made with rose clay and kukui oil, this soap is perfect for sensitive skin. Rose clay gently coaxes excess oil out of your skin to help prevent clogged pores and promote skin health. It gently cleanses and draws out impurities while moisturizing. Castor oil is added to soothe damaged skin cells.
  • Sugar Plum Soap – Made with rose clay which is known for drawing out impurities, this soap detoxifies your skin, keeping it clear and soft. Your skin will feel soft and healthy for days as this soap exfoliates and shines skin, giving it a natural glow like never before. It’s great on acne and sensitive skin, too!
  • Rose Clay Shaving Soap - Perfect for sensitive skin, the Rose Clay Shaving bar helps prevents razor bumps and restores cells to ensure a smooth shaving experience. This bar helps remove impurities from oil and dirt as well as exfoliate skin and soothe inflammation. You’ll get a clean, close shave and forget about razor burn. It includes Irish moss, tea tree essential oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and palm oil.

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